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500 Miles For The Children’s Foundation Before Xmas Dinner

Running For The Children's Foundation - A photo with kids in the background, with a blue overlay and The Children's Foundation Logo on Top in White
Running for The Children's Foundation

As a keen sportsman, the thrill of competition and the pursuit of being in good shape has always been an important part of my life. Along the way, I’ve often slipped into bad habits but I’m looking to get right back on track. This time around there is a deeper purpose that drives me beyond personal achievements and any form of accolade. I want to make a positive impact on those around me, especially those who are in need. This desire has led me to a new challenge which will hopefully see me raise funds for my chosen Charity, The Children’s Foundation.

The Children’s Foundation holds a special place in my heart. Their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children facing various challenges resonates deeply with my values. The foundation focuses on improving the health and well-being of children and young people in the North East, they make a difference in people’s lives and for the last 30 years, they have worked with amazing people to achieve great things. The foundation ensures that children receive the care and assistance they need to thrive and to read more about what they do please visit https://thechildrensfoundation.co.uk/

On the 30th of June 2023 I will launch a Mile Tracker page to ensure that people can stay up to date with every mile I run, I will utilise a combination of my Apple Watch and the fitness app, Strava so that I can accurately track my running distance, pace, and duration with the built-in GPS functionality for everyone to see. I will be doing a mix of street, treadmill and park runs to achieve my goals.

By connecting my Strava account and app I can easily share my running achievements, updates, and progress with those who have donated, this way I can ensure that every mile I run is accounted for and accessible to those who are following my journey. You can find the tracking page right here.

My Goal is to raise a minimum of £500. Let’s get to work! Follow me on my Website and All Social Channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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