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At my University graduation I shared a sandwich with a Dragon, he told me to think and work like I have the last five pounds in my pocket and I could never go wrong. Since that day it has been my mission to build a successful business that not just paves my own journey through life, but also helps others too.

Hello and thank you for stopping by to view, read and listen to the content that has been published on this website. My website is a hub to expose, manifest and showcase my experiences, ideas and thoughts as well as give direction to others who have not yet stepped into the world of business, and entrepreneurship focusing on the technical and creative industries that we are surrounded by.

After years of being a freelance designer, developer and consultant I have now found my primary love and so have co-founded and opened StackUp Digital with my fantastic business partner Jamie. StackUp Digital are an eCommerce and Headless Agency based in Middlesbrough, UK that specialises in custom cutting-edge Web Applications, User Journeys and User Experience. We currently work with multi-million-pound brands, some of which appear in the FTSE 100 Index and Forbes 100.

I surround myself with creators and those who want to achieve those big breakthrough moments. Those who want to design, build and create at the cutting edge of technology to make a change for the good in the world. I am a driven technology nerd who is always curious about the what next's and the what if's, I want to continue with this journey with my businesses and those who I meet day to day at events and through the books that I read.

"When I was really young, I busted my nose when I was racing. The first thing my dad asked me was: 'Are you OK?' I said, 'Can you fix the car for tomorrow?' And I won the race the next day." Lewis Hamilton7 Times Formula One World Champion

Away from work, I have a big interest in sport and well-being and so I spend a lot of my time at our local David Lloyd Club playing squash, using the gym and going to the Spa. Since I was young I have had an invested interest in Formula One and have been lucky enough to earn good money through freelancing to be able to travel Europe, Asia and the Middle East with the sport as what I like to call being a 'super fan'. The experience of travelling opened my mind to great experiences and customer service which is what I actually enjoy most about my role today at StackUp Digital.

However, as much as I love to pay attention to all of those things, the most important to me is my family. My 5-year-old keeps me on my toes, keeps me active and fills my life with absolute delight. As someone who didn't really have a role model growing up, I spend so much time investing in myself so I can take everything I have learned and experienced and pass it on to my son. I'm no guru or angel and I've made so many mistakes but every day I try to be better.

Shopify Developer Newcastle - Glen Wheeler

My closing thoughts

As Lewis Hamilton states in his quote above, shit happens and you have to find a way. If you want to compete, if you want to win or find a winning mentality, you have to pull your sleeves up (or put your gloves on and visor down) and get moving! Life won't hang around waiting for you to get off your arse and do something, it is only you that can make a difference. I have spent 36 years of my life learning that the only person you can rely on is yourself, when the chips are down you have to find a way, a way to get things over the line and get things done.

It's important to start by setting clear goals and developing a plan to achieve them. Take some time to reflect on what you're truly passionate about and what gives you a sense of purpose. You can then begin to identify the steps you need to take to make progress towards your goals. This may involve learning new skills, taking risks, or stepping outside of your comfort zone. It's important to stay motivated and focused on your goals, even when faced with setbacks or challenges. By taking intentional actions and making the most of your time and resources, you can create a fulfilling and meaningful life that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Thank you for being here, Glen.

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