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Make Your Own Bed – Little things that can change your life

Author: Williams H. McRaven

A very quick, but a very important read for anyone who is looking to set new foundations for a new life style. I read this book in two sittings whilst in and out of the gym, its a powerful, motivating book that will get you off your backside that will enable determination to get moving with life.

Make Your Bed is a powerful and inspiring book that imparts valuable life lessons through the lens of his experiences as a Navy SEAL. Drawing upon his extensive military career and personal anecdotes, Admiral McRaven shares practical insights on how making your bed can set the foundation for success in all aspects of life. This compact book delivers profound wisdom, motivation, and inspiration that will resonate with readers from all walks of life, leaving them with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

My five key takeaways from the book;

  1. Start with the small things: Making your bed may seem like a mundane task, but Admiral McRaven emphasises that it sets the tone for the day and instills discipline and order in your life. By taking care of the small things, you establish a solid foundation for tackling bigger challenges.
  2. Embrace adversity: Admiral McRaven highlights the importance of embracing adversity and using it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and become resilient. He shares captivating stories of his own experiences as a Navy SEAL, illustrating how adversity can be a catalyst for personal growth and development.
  3. Never give up: Admiral McRaven encourages readers to persevere in the face of challenges and never give up on their dreams. He shares inspiring stories of individuals who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, demonstrating the power of resilience and determination in achieving success.
  4. Build meaningful relationships: Admiral McRaven underscores the significance of building strong relationships with others. He emphasises the value of teamwork, camaraderie, and mutual respect in achieving common goals, whether in the military or in civilian life.
  5. Make a difference: Admiral McRaven inspires readers to strive for making a positive impact on the world. He encourages acts of kindness, generosity, and service to others, reminding readers that small actions can have a profound ripple effect and contribute to making the world a better place.

Make Your Bed is a compelling and motivating book that encapsulates Admiral McRaven’s timeless wisdom and lessons learned from his remarkable life journey. Through its concise and impactful messages, it encourages readers to cultivate discipline, resilience, perseverance, and compassion in pursuit of personal and professional success.

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