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Solider – Respect Is Earned

Author: Jay Morton

Jay Morton's "Soldier" offers a masterclass in mindset, strategy, and excellence by delving into his remarkable personal experience. The book delivers a thorough understanding of these topics, providing practical takeaways and in-depth lessons.

After reading all of the books from each individual soldier from the TV Series SAS: Who Dares Wins, I had to grab this one and give it ago! The majority of the books share very similar stories and journeys of becoming a better version of yourself, and this one does too. However, in the book Morton lays out a great structure, chapter by chapter that you are able to take away and implement directly into your business.

My five key takeaways from Jay Morton’s book “Soldier – Respect is Earned”:

  1. The book emphasises the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in achieving success. Morton’s personal story of how he overcame his struggles to become a successful Special Forces soldier is a testament to this.
  2. Morton highlights the value of teamwork and leadership in the military. He discusses how soldiers rely on each other and the importance of a strong leader to motivate and guide them through challenging situations.
  3. The book provides an insight into the physical and mental challenges that soldiers face. Morton shares his experiences of gruelling training regimes and how he pushed himself to his limits to become a better soldier.
  4. The book stresses the importance of respect and professionalism. Morton explains how respect is earned through hard work and dedication, and how it is a crucial aspect of building strong relationships and effective teams.
  5. Morton provides practical advice on how to develop mental toughness and cope with adversity. He shares tips on how to stay focused and disciplined, and how to overcome obstacles to achieve success in the military and in business.

Overall, “Soldier – Respect is Earned” is an inspiring book that provides a glimpse into the world of military training and the values that soldiers uphold. The book’s emphasis on hard work, leadership, teamwork, and respect can be applied to various aspects of life and can motivate readers to pursue their goals with dedication and determination.

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