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Exploring Digital Channels with Edd Dutton

“All experiences can be influenced”.

Judgement is formed from two things, an ability to create decisions based on experience and the ability to then come to conclusions on those experiences. No matter what you do when purchasing a product, a service, or even being in business, you will automatically reflect upon your past experiences as a participant. Your brain will always calculate the best approaches to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash. I’m going to briefly explain why businesses use this to their advantage.

It’s likely the experience can be broken down into three main areas of interest:

  • Brand is the most influential area of business. Your business model and strategy should influence the brand. The brand should show your customer your business values, position, and personality, without this your approach will feel uninspiring and unengaging. Creating a powerful brand strategy is about creating strong and emotive relationships with your customer. It’s all about focus.
  • Business, it’s strategy, and its vision are a typical starting place but not necessarily the place it where it all starts. Planning where you’re wanting the company to be, using a business strategy, will help inform your team, your other strategies, and your approaches to market.
  • Digital strategy can influence the brand’s strategy depending on your business nature, however, the brand strategy is typically the influencer. The digital strategy is particularly useful for moving your customer to different parts of your business and help them achieve your goals. Without thinking about your digital strategy, your customers could lose understanding of both your promise, and the value you can bring.
Digital Channels Break Down

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