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#FORZAJULES, Remembering Jules Bianchi

Since waking up on Saturday morning to the very sad news of Jules Bianchi’s passing, I’ve not thought about much else since. The young driver who was involved in a terrible crash at the Suzuka, Japan circuit back in October 2014, suffered extreme head injuries and has been fighting for his life ever since.

Since the accident Jules remained in a coma state, with his family at his bed side every single day. Jules Bianchi was one in a million. A successful young man fulfilling his dreams of driving a Formula One car and competing in the Formula One World Championships.

Jules had his first Formula One race back in 2013 at the Australian Grand Prix driving for the Marussia F1 (now Manor) team. Jules picked up his first Formula One points for the team at the Monaco GP after finishing 9th place in the Marussia car.

Previous to his short Formula One Career Jules Bianchi was a Formula 3 Euro Series World Champion, French Formula Renault 2.0 World Champion as well as a Formula One test driver for Force India and Ferrari.

Fast forward to just over a week ago and a half ago when Jules Bianchi’s parents released a statement about the welfare of their son and how he wouldn’t want to live life not being able to drive in Formula One. It’s news you really don’t want to hear, I knew something was wrong and then we all woke up to the news on Saturday the 18th July 2015.

"Jules fought to the very end" The Bianchi FamilyOn The Death of Jules Bianchi

Jules had passed away. The first death in Formula One since Ayrton Senna back in 1994. Some say the passing was for the good, due to the continuous suffering of both himself and his family. As I write this post Jules Bianchi’s funeral is being held with friends, family and Formula One colleagues in his home town of Nice, France. The FIA and Formula One have also announced the retirement of car number 17 in his honour.

Farewell, Goodbye, #ciaojules

There is very little left to say. Jules will be missed by millions of people. By his family, his friends, his colleagues and his millions of fans around the world. I was lucky enough to see Jules race back in 2013 at the Singapore GP, a day I will never ever forget.

The photo above is my only photo of Jules from the race, and is now a lasting memory I will carry for life. Jules, I will miss you every single day, at every race weekend, and will never forget what you have done for the sport I have so much love and passion for. I look forward to celebrating your life and career at this weekends Hungarian Grand Prix.

Rest in peace Jules, all of my love and thoughts are with you, your friends and your family. #FORZAJULES

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