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MacBook Pro Event Notes 2016 (Touch Bar Reveal)

A day millions of people have been waiting for, today it finally arrived. The MacBook Pro had not seen an update in years, today that came to an end with major improvements to the body, the hardware specification and the introduction of one incredible, new, innovative feature, what Apple call “the Touch Bar”.

The Touch Bar idea has been been floating around out there for some time now, years in fact. Earlier this month I had researched the touch bar as I heard people speaking about it again and had actually found a heap of forums such as Mac Rumours and Tech Crunch discussing the feature. These discussions were going as far back as 2012. As the years and events past we never heard a thing about the new feature, until today and I can honestly say this changes everything!

The aim of The Touch Bar is essentially being introduced to replace what apple say “the unused function keys, they haven’t been used in years”. The function keys have been on a keyboard since the Power Book, which launched back in 1991 where it also featured the very first Active Matrix Display.

The Touch Bar, I have to admit changes everything. It changes the way we work, it changes the way we edit, it changes the way we listen and create music, it changes the way we answer phone calls, it changes the way we design and develop, it changes everything! I mean, you really have to see this thing to believe it.

How beautiful is that? The way we can now work from application to application without touching a pointing device is just incredible. We can almost do everything in a very slick manner without touching a mouse or track pad. The demo’s that were made on stage by various people were a great insight into how we can use the Touch Bar to Edit Video, Edit Photographs and Make Music were excellent. The power of this single Retina Display, Back Lit strip is just madness!

Apple Touch Bar Useage

I could go on and on about the powers of this new feature and how its going to change people’s personal and working lives for the better, forever but I’d really love for you to get along to your local Apple store and try this out. Here are my notes from the event. If you have any questions or would like to discuss please use the discussion area at the foot of this post. I’d love to chat to you all and gather your thoughts.

What did the event cover overall?

  • Accessibility (Briefly)
  • iPhone 7 and 7+ (Briefly)
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Mac


All notes taken on accessibility:

  • Event opens with video on accessibility and how they focus their products on people of disabilities. Such a great video!
  • Ability to navigate with devices
  • Announcement of new accessibility website
  • Products accessible to everyone
  • Website used as a resource

iPhone 7 and 7+

All notes taken on the iPhone 7 and 7+:

  • Talking about great photos on the iPhone7
  • The fun is going back and enjoying and sharing photos with friends and family
  • Apple show some photos taken with the iPhone 7, simply beautiful in colour and in light
  • Made it easier with new memories feature inside of photos
  • Four hundred million photos already shared via memories
  • 60% of people now on iOS10
  • Talking about portrait mode – depth of field is incredible
  • Apple Pay now in Japan iPhone 7 and Apple Watch series 2
  • 160 million contact less transactions made in Japan
  • Support for transit in maps for detailed underground layout

Apple Watch

All notes taken on the Apple Watch:

  • New Apple Watch simpler and faster
  • Apple Watch Nike+ coming tomorrow

Apple TV

All notes taken on the Apple TV:

  • Launched new Apple TV with a clear vision – Apps
  • 1 year – 8,000 Apps on the Apple TV
  • New game for the end of the year. Mine craft
  • TV Shows, 16,000 movies
  • In addition you can watch movies like finding dory, live on demand news and sports
  • New category of apps, Ryan Troy of twitter takes to the stage
  • Showing the future of video, including social media, with twitter and periscope
  • Shows critical moments using emoji etc
  • Siri and universal search across Apps
  • Unified TV Experience one place to access all of your TV shows, movies etc
  • New App called TV. Available on iPad, iPhone and TV
  • Talking about a feature called LIVE
  • Shows all live TV Apps and programs
  • Siri knows which apps have what football games
  • Can ask what other football games are on and can show schedules
  • Siri Live Tune In
  • Available Free in a software update available in the US by the end of the year
Other Apple Devices


All notes taken on the Mac:

  • The launch is very important to Apple, important to the world
  • Important to design, education, business, warts science and other areas
  • People use the Mac to push the world forward
  • MacOS – MacOS Sierra latest, iCloud Drive, universal clipboard, hundred of websites with ApplePay
  • Siri now available in all platforms including the Mac
  • Detailed file searches by asking Siri
  • The Mac experience just keeps getting better and better
  • This week happens to be a huge week in the history of the Mac and Apple. This week marked 25th anniversary of the first note book. October 25th 1991 – the PowerBook
  • The first laptop with active matrix display
  • First track pad, first notebook with wifi
  • First Retina display in a notebook
  • 25 years defining and redefining the notebook
  • The new MacBook Pro with LED smart bar?
  • Made of aluminium metal on all sides
  • New gold standard in notebook computers
  • Thirteen and fifteen inch. Thinnest ever
  • Grey and space grey
  • Fourteen point nine millimetres thin (13″)
  • Twenty three percent smaller (13″)
  • Weighs three pounds (13″)
  • All Thunderbolt/USB-C (13″)
  • The fifteen inch…
  • Fifteen point five millimetres thin 14% smaller
  • Weighs four pounds
  • Force touch track pad twice as big as previous generation
  • Keyboard uses the buffer fly switch mechanism now in a pro notebook
  • Second gen butterfly keyboard
  • The Touch Bar
  • Function key area
  • Retina display Touch Bar
  • Responds to gestures
  • Easy to use
  • Calling it The Touch Bar
  • Has system keys, sound etc
  • When in browser changes to browser buttons etc
  • Interface for photos etc
  • Quick type suggestions
  • Touch ID to the Mac for the first time
  • Login with finger print
  • Supported by second gen sensor
  • Supported by a new chip Apple T1
  • Apple pay with finger on the Mac book pro
  • Pulls the cover off, looks really thin
  • All system control buttons are there
  • Playback, audio, and now Siri on there
  • Hold down the function key and all function keys reappear
  • Tap and slide to adjust
  • Showing a sample in Mail
  • Machine learning on the keyboard, suggest what you might want to type
  • Change colours etc on the bar
  • Can tap the buttons of suggested friends to send emails too
  • Has emoji browser
  • Browser emoji by category
  • Used for navigation, multiple task, favourites etc
  • Etsy Apple Pay with Touch ID
  • Photos…
  • Can skip through photos via the touch bar using its navigation
  • Navigation through video
  • Go darker or lighter on photos add effects and filters etc
  • Can customise the touch bar to your own bar
  • Fast user switching via Touch ID
  • Touch bar in maps, calendar, music, iWork applications and so on
  • Also for terminal
  • For developers inside Xcode
  • Display sixty seven percent brighter, same with contrast ration
  • Includes intel quad core I seven
  • Radeon pro graphics with Polaris architecture
  • SSD up to two terabytes
  • New thermal architecture
  • Thinner heat pipes
  • New innovate fan blades
  • New speaker design, smaller but more volume twice the dynamic range
  • Faster flash storage on thirteen Inch MacBook Pro
  • aster ever I/O
  • Four thunderbolt 3 ports
  • USB-C style connector any can be a charging port
  • Any can be power, thunderbolt, USB, display port, HDMI or VGA
  • LG ultra fine display
  • Retina display
  • Showed video editing
  • Next up Photoshop
  • Showing the tools inside of Photoshop to mask photos, really nice on the touch bar
  • Touch pad just for the brush, hardness of brush, colour, the colour touch bar looks amazing!
  • Switching layers and blend modes, can scroll through the bar
  • Amazing very handy
  • Third and last demo was for music application
  • DJ Pro application
  • Music app is great being able to make music from the touch bar
  • Touch bar has multi touch
  • Microsoft are working on things for The Touch Bar. MS Word etc
  • Runs the video on the new MacBook and shows us the whole product
  • Can answer calls etc on the MacBook
  • Runs Sierra
  • Arsenic free glass, PVC Free, energy star 6.1
  • Mac book Air – 13″ staying, also has a new model but has tradition function keys
  • – Has two thunderbolt three ports
  • Orders can be made today, delivery of the new MacBook in 2-3 weeks
  • Twelve Inch MacBook also has some new updates, traditional function keys also

So, whats next for Apple? In future events I can see The Touch Bar making plenty of appearances with upgrades and new features. This new second screen, if you like has endless possibilities and I can see it being adopted by other companies as we move forward and is a great competitors and selling point over the new Microsoft Surface Studio.

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