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Glen Wheeler Becomes a Certified Mailchimp Expert

For just over 5 years we have supported our clients with their email marketing campaigns by designing and developing their email templates. Over 5 years the web has changed direction, mobile is now a big thing so we have had to adapt our ways of working to support this change in design and development of email templates. The Mailchimp system has adapted well to responsive web design and it provides such a great service with their responsive drag and drop template system within Mailchimp, but often people want something a little “different” when it comes to their design and campaign. That is where we come in.

Earlier this week we applied to become a Mailchimp Expert. After a few samples and some tests we have just received an email to confirm that we are now part of the Mailchimp Expert directory, meaning we are now verified Mailchimp Experts here at Glen Wheeler Ltd.

Why become a Mailchimp Expert?

Mailchimp first started back in 2001 and it has come such a long way and has developed into something very very special, not just for designers and developers but for the whole web community. I have used Mailchimp pretty much from day one, designing and developing email templates has always been a fundamental day to day part of my job.

With more than 10 million users world wide Mailchimp has become the go to place for email marketing campaigns and we are very much here to support the people who use it. Because we have worked with Mailchimp for such a long time we can offer great advice on best practice, give direction on setting up campaigns and educate our clients so that they can become Mailchimp Experts like us.

Here is what we have learnt about Mailchimp over the years:

  • Anyone can learn how to use Mailchimp, and its completely free of charge
  • It is very flexible, meaning you can integrate it with other great web applications
  • The template system is very easy to get your head around
  • It uses a fantastic, very understandable MERGE tag system that allows for email customisation
  • In need of information? Mailchimp is well documented and the team are fantastic!
  • Detailed reporting is very rock and roll, get all of the information you need from your email campaign reports
  • They invest money to improve services for hardware and software
  • Automation is great, schedule your campaigns, sit back and relax

If you own a business, have a product or service or even just want to do some research, then its more than likely you will use Mailchimp at some point in your life. We offer free support and guidance here at Glen Wheeler Ltd, if you are interested in using Mailchimp and need to chat, then please get in touch and we will be very happy to help! You can find our contact details right here.

Mailchimp Template Samples

Below you can find some of the templates we have worked on in the past. Some very simple, some custom built! Now go and create a Mailchimp account, make friends with Freddie and get started!

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