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My new personal brand and website

Personal branding is so important, it helps you differentiate yourself, establish credibility, advance your own career, facilitate networking, build long-term success, and have control over your narrative. My brand and website have not been touched or looked at for nearly 10 years as I have been busy away building agencies, falling hard and getting back up again. Now I have StackUp Digital with my Co-Founder Jamie, I have finally found the time to look at my personal brand and website. Maybe I did this the wrong way around? But hey, let’s just get on with it.

Why now? Why even bother working on glenwheeler.co.uk?

Now that I have StackUp Digital on its feet and running smoothly with our fantastic team I wanted to focus some attention on me, and what I want next. My core focus is StackUp Digital and I will use glenwheeler.co.uk to leverage opportunities and leads for our business, however, glenwheeler.co.uk is here to shine a light on me, my thoughts and my experiences and turn that into content across all formats for everyone to read, listen to and watch. I want to share content that I’ve not done so for so long and I feel like now is the right time to do it;

Build and show credibility

Helping others and avoiding the mistakes I made is something that I want to focus on with this website. Sharing my expertise and knowledge from my journey is important for those looking to go into a similar field or role.

Build my network

Throughout my career, I have owned agencies and businesses in all major North East cities which include Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. During this time I have built a great network and have used that network to create some incredible opportunities for myself that have seen me fly around Europe and Asia to work. However, there is always room for building a better network and so this new brand and website are here to enable that to happen and I can’t wait to see what is ahead.

Controlling the narrative

Building on my Personal brand will allow me to take control of the narrative and shape how I’m perceived by others. Crafting my personal brand will immediately highlight my strengths, values, and accomplishments, and will hopefully convey the message I am trying to deliver for everyone to watch, read and listen to. This website is here to manage to align with my many goals and aspirations.

Long-term goals and success

glenwheeler.co.uk is an investment in my long-term success. By consistently showcasing my expertise and unique qualities, I feel like I can create a strong personal brand that can endure over time. My personal brand is here to build a lasting reputation for me as well as help others to create a foundation for sustained success.

What's with the Striped Helmet logo?

I’ve actually carried the Helmet logo for over 10 years, however, it was only ever used in the Fav Icons of the old website. The helmet comes from my love of Formula One and a particular driver who wore the helmet. The logo is an actual photo and scanned illustration of Ayrton Senna’s racing helmet. The helmet was originally designed by the dearly departed Sid Mosca who was responsible for designing most of Senna’s helmets. For me, Senna is a hero, a legend the best there ever was. There are many quotes from Senna that I remember but the three that stand out for me, and the ones that I live by are;

“Being a racing driver means you are racing with other people and if you no longer go for a gap that exists you are no longer a racing driver because we are competing.” Ayrton Senna da Silva3 Times F1 World Champion
A side view of Ayrton Senna Helmet
The stripes of Ayrton Senna's helmet design displaying the colours of Brazil
"Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose." Ayrton Senna da Silva3 Times F1 World Champion
"With regard to performance, commitment, effort, and dedication, there is no middle ground. Or you do something very well or not at all." Ayrton Senna da Silva3 Times F1 World Champion
Ayrton Senna Helmet Design on a Table at the StackUp Digital Office
Ayrton Senna Helmet Design Visor View

After watching an interview with Mosca I was interested to learn about the design of Ayrton’s Helmet. The first and obvious thing you notice on the helmet is the colour yellow, which represents his country Brazil. The stripes at the bottom, the Green and Blue stripes, which are the heavier stripes on the helmet represent his focus and objectivity whilst behind the wheel and this resonated with my mission in building and creating cool tech stacks, products and services that I and we provide at StackUp Digital.

Ayrton had the initial helmet design completed by Mosca back in his karting days and immediately after he finished his Karting World Championships he decided to stick with the design throughout his Formula One career. Although the helmet has had various interrelations over the years, the design remained the same until the day he died.

Senna’s helmet design can be seen to this day on various current F1 driver helmet designs including 7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Another side view showing the stripes of Ayrton Senna's Helmet
Side View of Senna's helmet design at the StackUp Office

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