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What are my top 10 podcasts of 2015?

The podcast community has had a major boom over the last 10 years and is now in a very very strong position. Podcasts deliver amazing content and also connect the world in a whole different way. People today are making thousands of pounds just from creating and publishing monthly, weekly and daily podcasts, it really is incredible.

Podcasts provide some great information, discussion, along with laughter, a wide range of subjects by some very intelligent and knowledgeable people.

Running a small business, I often spend quite a lot of time on my own, at my desk, at home. I also spend a tremendous amount of time travelling around to offices in the UK and Europe to be on site for my job. I find it very very difficult doing “nothing”, I always feel the need to keep myself occupied and I always feel the need to keep learning. Whether it’s building my knowledge about the web industry or just listening in on discussions about general going’s on in the world, I just love to listen to podcasts no matter where I am or at what time it is.

So, without further a do, here is my top 10 podcasts of 2015:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast – Where do I even start with this podcast. I owe so much to Joe and the guys who make the podcast possible. It inspires me, makes me laugh when I’m feeling shitty, makes me really think about life, how things tick over, how to inspire, how to have fun and how to be successful. The podcast was one of the reasons I started working for myself. The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast started way back in 2009 from a small room, I believe in a house. The podcast has now grown into its own studio in the US and now has a huge community and audience.Joe Rogan welcomes all types of people to the podcast from Jiu Jitsu Practitioners, Scientists, Stand-up Comedians, Artists, TV Stars, MMA Fighters, Professional Gamers and many more. Amongst those people there has been names such as Dana White, Brendan Schaub, Professor Brian Cox, Louis Theroux, Joey Diaz, Joe Schilling, Rickson Gracie and Kat Von D all coming to the show to discuss a variety of subjects.Some of the podcasts might not be for you, especially the fight companion podcasts but if you’re not listening to this podcast yet, then you should be. Go and subscribe on iTunes or on the link provided in this post.
  2. Shop Talk Show – Probably the the best web based podcast there is! Presented by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert the show discusses all things Web Design and Development. In my opinion the best thing about the show is the sound board, not to mention the brilliant guests they have on the show. The podcast also allows space for “Rapid Fire” rounds where people can write or call in with questions about web design and development.
  3. Mixergy – A podcast for all of you business owners and startups. The podcast presented by Andrew Warner targets entrepreneurs around the world to listen in on some of the most amazing interviews on the web. Andrew has been accompanied by people like Seth Godin, Noah Kagan, Drew Houston and Tony Hsieh who provide some excellent discussions on how to create and build a successful business.
  4. Bizcraft – A podcast from unmatchedstyle. Another podcast all about business focusing more on the web industry. The podcast talks about and teaches us on how to deal with every day business issues, how to get over them and the values you can learn from them. It’s one of the first podcasts I started listening to and is definitely worth tuning into.
  5. The Infinite Monkey Cage – As a lover of science and all things outer space I had to find a podcast that covers all of the odd and possible things that could be out there. Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince host this fantastic comedy and science mixed podcast series looking at the world according to science.
  6. Chequered Flag Formula 1 – A weekly podcast provided by the BBC that talks about all things Formula One. As a huge F1 Fan I have to make sure I keep myself up to date with everything going on in the pit lane and paddock! A very easy listen when I’m in bed or waiting around.
  7. The Big Web Show – The award winning podcast brought to you by the guys at 5by5. Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, the podcast aims to entertain and teach the web industry about all things website design, content strategy, typography, technology and development. I never go a week without missing their fantastic episodes.
  8. The Breaking Development Podcast – A podcast very much focused on web development. This podcast publishes its interviews on a regular basis with some of the top guys and girls in the web industry. All of the challenges we face building websites are spoken about on this podcast.
  9. Unfinished Business – They sometimes find themselves in a world of their own on the podcast but I couldn’t do without the Unfinished Business Podcast. The podcast has a long list of industry recognised folks as guests who talk about everything web, business, design, development and often random topics.
  10. The Fighter & The Kid – The sometimes absolutely ridiculous podcast hosted by UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub and stand up comedian Bryan Callen. A nice relaxing podcast to listen to when I am taking a flight or hanging around in an airport of Café somewhere.

And there we have it, 10 of my favourite podcasts. I would love to hear what you are listening to on a regular basis as I am always trying to find the best audio content out there online. If you have any suggestions, then please drop them in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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