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New Perspectives on Web Design by Smash Mag

As the web rapidly moves forward every single day, it is important we keep a real focus on the design process. The decisions we make and looking at our projects from the bigger picture are essential. Over the last few weeks, I have travelled to a number of different areas in Europe and have taken a little friend with me.

Introducing the awesome new book from the guys overĀ Smashing Magazine. The recent released bookĀ New Perspectives on Web DesignĀ is a book put together by the best front-end developers in our industry. The book is absolutely fascinating as well as very educating. The book covers several important areas, opening up with a section on “Modern CSS Architecture and Front-End Development” by the extremely talentedĀ Harry Roberts.

If your a front-end developer, then please go out, or go online and get a hold of this book. After the first chapter, you’ll already be a better front-end developer.

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