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A story that started 10 years ago. Shopify, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there on the internet and trust me, its getting bigger as time passes. Like Wordpress, Shopify is extensible beyond what you could ever imagine. With its new app store, its exceptional documented API and template language you would certainly want to consider using it.

From the early days I had recognised it's potential and had started to play with the Shopify code base. I had read through endless documentation, broke stuff, fixed stuff and built stuff. I have to admit, what a fantastic platform it has become and best of all it comes at very little cost to the client or person who chooses to use it.

As a Shopify developer in Newcastle upon Tyne and the surround area, I would love to help you with your next project. I absolutely thrive at a new challenge, especially when it involves Shopify. So, do you have an exciting new Commerce project? You can find all of my details right here on the contact page. Lets chat! Lets collaborate! Lets build!

How can I help?

As mentioned above I have been working the Shopify eCommerce system since the early days. I have seen the system swap and change, certainly for the better. The system has evolved and it now even has its own liquid template engine that other companies such as Jekyll, SalesForce and ZenDesk also use.

Having this engine opens up all kinds of opportunities for both developers and you the client. We are now able to build, connect and integrate all kinds of services with Shopify, all of which are now very well backed up with great support from other developers online. Shopify is such a powerful tool, and in my opinion the best platform to start your online business.

So, what can Shopify do for you as a company selling products online? Well, below is just a small list of features you can take advantage of when using Shopify directly "Out of the Box".

As I mentioned above, this is just a small list of features you can take advantage of. With a mix of other integrated services such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytic's and selected CRM systems you have the ability to track your customer actions, such as cart abandonment and specific product interest's and can then be recorded into a CRM system as a lead and then hopefully a conversion to a sale.

What are you waiting for? Lets get cracking!

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