🎙️ The Podcast Relaunch, 09th May 2024 🎙️


When I was younger I was always very quiet, I kept myself to myself. I was always a listener rather than a talker and this often set me back when it came to opinion, leadership and standing out from a crowd. As I got older I opened up a little and started getting my own thoughts, ideas and opinions across to others.

My confidence grew even more when I started working in a role I truly loved. Whenever there is a team to work with and a challenge to solve, I really like to rally people together to come up with a solution(s).

As I've grown I've become more confident, so inquisitive, and curious. I always want to learn more about particular subjects; I've grown out of my old ways and now love to chat and discuss a wide range of subjects, some of which include Business, Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle.

"As a well-established businessman who has brokered many millions of pounds of contracts with world-renowned companies, I'm very wary of who I share my network with as you never want to work with charlatans or cowboy Somethings which Glen is not. Glen really is one of the good guys and his professionalism is rarely matched I cannot speak more highly of an individual." Steven FranceNorth East Businessman and Entrepreneur

One of the main ways of getting out there and speaking to others is through networking and getting to events. If you're interested in meeting then please head over to the events page to see some of the events I will be attending in the near future. Alternatively you can get in touch with me via the contact form page, I would love to chat and scaler my network as much as I possibly Glen.

A photo of Glen Wheeler - A Shopify developer based in the UK

As of May 2024, I will have relaunched my podcast, No Better Time. The podcast allows me to scale my network further, across the UK and into other countries. I have such an exciting lineup of speakers scheduled to speak so please do head over to nobettertime.co.uk to check out some of my previous discussions as well as some announcements on those up and coming. I cannot wait to share these discussions with you.

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