Process With Personality

A process formed over a five year period. The process has been through many changes and tweaks over that time and now shows great results for both my clients and myself. The process is very deep, but I can certainly share a flavour of that process. Join me on a journey.

1 A cup of coffee on a table

Let me buy you a coffee

The very first initial meeting. Normally consisting of around an hour, totally free of charge to any new client I meet. How can this help you?

  • Communication face to face is most important. Seeing a face is best
  • Getting to know each other a little more. Discussion on past presence and future
  • Getting to know each other's business, charity, company or product
  • An opportunity to ask questions and get answers
  • A chance to generate ideas and get advice
  • Oh, and did I mention a free coffee for you?
2 An iMac and desk with sticky notes

Project Definition

Now we've got to know each other better we feel a little more comfortable, that first meeting is always quite daunting. Now lets be a little more project focused.

  • Define stake holders and their roles
  • Points of contact in both parties
  • Gain a project summary
  • Identify project goals
  • Identify target audience
  • Identify your competitors
  • Identify messages
3 A sign says really good stuff

Project Scope

Defining a project scope is the most essential step in the project, take my word for it. Too many times in my career I have seen projects scopes creep, which then leads to missed deadlines, budget inflation and lots of frustration again for both parties. This is an intense step but will help in eliminating future issues in designing and developing your website.

  • Defining a full function specification
  • Design Styles
  • Time Lines
  • Deliverables
  • Responsibilities
  • Ways of Working
  • Impact
  • After Thoughts
4 Website Wireframe Drawings


Project scope finalised? Let's get down to business. The design phase will allow me to give you your first look at my approach to your project. This will go in hand with the functional spec and previous decisions and discussion will play a big part in this section.

  • Creating a sitemap
  • Wire framing Site Structure
  • Mood Boards
  • Colour Palettes
  • Navigation Styles
  • Font Styles / Type Faces
  • Defining content hierarchy
6 Website Development Screen, Code

Site Development

Bringing the website together. Designs have been completed and signed off by the client. We now take out intense functional specification and pull the whole site together as a whole

  • Creating responsive HTML and CSS structure
  • Adding content management system integration
  • Creating and adding content types
  • Creating functions
  • Adding dynamic forms
  • Creating mailing notifications
  • Creating enhanced media
  • Building moving elements
7 Macbook Keyboard close up


Whether the site is small or large, we always need a testing process. Using my check lists we can hand these out to your users to carry out suitable testing before your website goes live. You, the client, and I would also carry out our own testing.

  • Checking mobile and desktop structures
  • Checking content
  • Checking login areas
  • Checking the checkout journey
  • Checking web forms and email notifications
  • Checking font rendering
  • Selected browser testing
  • Page speed performance
  • Checking linkage
  • Checking images and other media
8 Party poppers in a cocktail glass

Hand Over

With all testing being successful it's time to hand over to the client. This is a specific process and there are guidelines on how this is done.

  • Setting up work flow tools
  • Keep code commit archives
  • Storing Backups of both live and local website sites
  • Local, to code management, to stage, to live location
  • Configuration of domain names and hosting
  • Testing
9 Chess board showing Pawn

Review & Maintain

What went wrong? What went right? How can we manage and improve the website in the future. A chance for feedback from both parties and look forward to the future.

  • Discussion about project issues
  • Discussion about the future of the website
  • Creating a maintenance plan
  • Creating a backup plan
  • Discussing possible monthly contracts for maintenance
  • How can the site can be adapted?