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Website Style Guide Examples From Major Brands

For each website project (budget dependant), we always look to develop a website style guide. Website style guides are so important at the design phase of any project because they define consistency. So, what is normally…

  1. Iconography
  2. Typography
  3. Navigation
  4. Colour Schemes
  5. Grid/Page layout
  6. Page Element (Sliders, Accordions, Cards, Filters, Form Elements, Ad Space, Tabs etc)

Style guides become super important as your team grows, they answer all of the questions without being asked the questions. What colour should this be? How should this operate? Can the page layout be like this? The style guide will take up a lot of time upfront but in return will save you hours and hours of time in the future, for example when a new team member comes along.

Not only does a style guide help visually, but also helps how the website functions. Style guides allows code to stay lean and fast which at the same time reduces page load on desktop and across all forms of mobile devices. Standardising code is important, it allows you to make decisions as a team quicker and more responsibly. Without the style guide you’ll end up with bloat throughout as you continue to write more and more redundant code.

To end this post we have a little treat, and that treat is a hand picked set of website style guide examples, you can find them below.

  1. The Guardian are a newspaper based in the UK. The Guardian has been running since 1821 and cover everything from sporting news to politics.
  2. Starbucks are one of the world biggest coffee companies/cofeehouses chains. The company first launched in Seattle Washington in 1971.
  3. Lonely Planet is the worlds largest travel guide publisher in the world. The compant was founded in 1972 and is now valued at 250 Millions US Dollars.
  4. Mailchimp are a company we work with a lot. Mailchimp is a great email marketing service which was founded in 2001. The service now has users sending billions of emails per month.
  5. AirBnB are one of the younger companies in this list. AirBnB are a peer-to-peer online store front that enables people to list their own properties to rent short term at the click of a button. Founded in 2008.
  6. Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system that first launched in 2004. The operating system now has more than 20 million users.
  7. Code of America are a non-political 501 organisation who were founded in 2009 to address the widening gap between private and public sectors using technology and design.
  8. Atlassian are a fantastic software company who we use on a daily basis. Founded in 2002 they have grown to be a grest software company that solves the problems of project management, software developers and content management.

What did you think? Pretty amazing huh? If there is anything you want to share, maybe suggest some more examples, I would love to hear them and see them! See you at the discussions area below!

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