Cyber Host Pro Logo on a lit server background

Cyber Host Pro

Back in 2012 I had designed and developed the Cyber Host Pro website. The site was designed and built to drive traffic and more sales to and from the website. The first approach was very simple, design specific templates for specific products that provide easy and was straight to the point content. This time was slightly different as we needed to attack the project from a mobile first approach as we had found from data that a lot of sales were being generated from tablet devices. Time to go mobile for Cyber Host Pro.


The first steps were to outline the project in a document, this is always the most essential part of a project as it is an agreement of work between myself and the client. Myself and Chris sat down and put together a work specification before we started work on the design styles of the website.

Once the specification had been signed off, we started our designs. Our approach as mentioned above was from mobile first, mean we design for mobile devices first and then create our designs for desktop. This allowed us to prioritise content, create useful space, which in turn created better navigation.


The process of design was always with mobile in mind, however this website was designed from desktop first, after looking at analytical data from their previous website. The website specification followed some specific design elements which I had wire framed and designed into the site, this included a large feature area on the homepage that contained specific promotional content.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler & Chris Danks

Country of Origin

  • Liverpool, UK

What We Did

  • Consultancy, Design & Development


  • Photoshop, Skype
  • Wordpress, Sass, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Twitter API, WHMCS

Project Duration

  • 60 Days


Developing the Cyber Host Pro Website was very rewarding. The website is based on Wordpress with WHMCS Integration for products and pricing. All package purchasing on Cyber Host Pro website is automated via the WHMCS system. Upon purchasing we have integrated automated mailing, recurring payments on a monthly or annual basis.

The website also uses dynamic pricing integration depending on what country the person viewing the website is in. For example, if the user is in France, they will see all pricing in Euro's, if in America they will see Dollars and so on. After testing between myself and the client we launched the site to find a great number of sales on the day of launch along with a lot of enquiries via their live chat system.

A screenshot of the new Cyber Host Pro Homepage
A screen shot of the new 2014 Cyber Host Pro website hosting page.
A screenshot of the Cyber Host Pro VPS Slider Page
A custom slider we built using JavaScript, Sass and HTML. Fully Responsive for mobile.