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Fitness Industry Training

Fitness Industry Training is undeniably driven on passion. Chris Haseman (Ex Ultimate Fighting Championship Fighter) and his Wife Diana Sahffinga run FIT from their very own fitness centre in Brisbane, Australia. They both share a passion for health and fitness and want to pass this down to their clients. FIT offer courses in all areas of fitness, right down to the nutrition. With personal trainers ahead of all competition, FIT are a ground breaking company in providing all health and fitness needs.


Like any project we always start with that initial meeting. In this case we jumped on to Skype for a chat at a reasonable hour as Chris and his team are based In Brisbane, Australia. For just over an hour we spoke about their current website, its problems and the future of the site.

After a good chat and a lot of note taking I went ahead and documented a specification which I shared via Dropbox. This was put in place just to give us both a clear picture of what needs to be delivered in the project and at what time scales. The next step was then to start on layouts, like any project I started my research into competitors, favoured websites and idea's that Chris and his team had provided.

I then started work on some wire frames/mock-ups. Out came Balsamiq to start some initial layout ideas, which then progressed into Photoshop and some more advanced design work.


The process of design was always with mobile in mind, however this website was designed from desktop first, after looking at analytical data from their previous website. The website specification followed some specific design elements which I had wire framed and designed into the site, this included a large feature area on the homepage that contained specific promotional content.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler, Chris Haseman, Diana Saffigna

Country of Origin

  • Brisbane, Australia

What We Did

  • Consultancy, Design & Development


  • Pen, Paper, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Digital DSLR Camera, Skype
  • Wordpress, Sass, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Twitter API

Project Duration

  • 35 Days


Because I had set out a functional specification from the start, I knew exactly what was required for the development and functionality of the website. The FIT website uses a course booking system which was custom built using PHP and mail services for notifications on bookings. The FIT website is completely built on a Wordpress Content Management System with custom developed plug ins and responsive mobile framework.

One of the main points on the initial agenda was that the client required almost full control of the content which was displayed on the website. This meant they required some for of access to add, edit and delete all pieces of content. This made the project a little more challenging as it required a lot of modification to the Wordpress back end to allow this to happen. Custom fields and post type's were designed and built to accommodate this specific set of functionality.

A wireframe mockup of the Fitness Industry Training Website
A wire frame of the Fitness Industry Training Website.
A design mockup of the Fitness Industry Training Website
Designing the Fitness Industry Training Website in Photoshop from a desktop first approach