A banner made up of books sold by Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books

Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books

Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books are a small company based in Middlesbrough, UK. The company started off as a hobby by the owner Jeff after his wife Joy past away due to cancer in the year of 2000. The hobby gave Jeff something to focus on, which quickly turned into a small business. Before Jeff knew it, he had people and publishers contacting him from the US asking him if they would stock their books, the rest is history!


Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books got in touch with me via a client referral, the project sounded very interesting and so I was very happy to help out. We moved forward with a single 4 hour meeting to gather information on the current state of the website. From the meeting I managed to get a very good understanding of the old system and what their requirements were for the future of the website. The old website had a lot of security issues and threats due to it having a very old infrastructure built on Cold Fusion as well as a very early HTML standards (or none standards at the time) structure. Security was important as client orders were being stored on the system, getting this right from the off was essential.

Another concern for Jeff and Fiona was the fact that the old build had no methods of uploading photos, meaning any visitors to the site could not see photos of the books themselves, this requirement was important for the new website. You can see the old design and layout below at the end of this post.


The owners of the company wanted a fresh, but simplistic new look that offered an easy navigation style, along with social media integration and an easier way to search the book library. The results needed to return images on each product as well as offer a click through to a full singular product page which provided a full description. The colour pallete used throughout should use the blues similar to the old website.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler, Jeff &Fiona of Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books

Country of Origin

  • Middlesbrough, UK

What We Did

  • Consultancy, Design & Development


  • Adobe Photoshop, Sublime, Bitbucket, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Terminal
  • Wordpress, WooCommerce, PHP, HTML, Sass, JavaScript, Gulp, NPM

Project Duration

  • 4 Weeks


The development phase of this project was quite heafty. The website uses a custom built Wordpress install with WooCommerce running along side it. The WooCommerce build was also heavily modified due to how the customer wanted the ordering system to operate and function. Within the build there was also the request that all books added to the site must be exportable to Amazon's ABE Books System. ABE Books is another online service that Jeff'n'Joys also use to sell books. The client also uses eBay as a third option to sell their products. Inside of the Wordpress backend system we developed a tool specifically for ABE Books. This allows the user to add as many books as they like to their own website, which can then be exported as a special delimited CSV where the data can then be uploaded directly to ABE. This was certainly a challenge as we had to go back and forth with the support team at ABE to get this right due to their import limitations. The whole Jeff'n'Joys book library can handle singular book exports for ABE as well as a full range export such as date to date and also a full export of their whole library which currently stands at around 7,000 products. The export service now works seamlessly.

The Old

A screenshot showing the old Jeff'n'Joys Website Homepage
A screenshot showing the Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books old Website Homepage.
A screenshot of The Jeff'n'Joys Old Latest Titles Page
A screenshot showing the old Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books old website Latest titles page

The New

A screen shot of The brand new Jeff'n'Joys Homepage
The newly designed Jeff'n'Joys Homepage
A screenshot showing the new Jeff'n'Joys Latest Titles Page
A screenshot showing the new Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books Latest Titles Page
A screenshot showing the Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books ABE Export Feature
A screenshot showing the Jeff'n'Joys Quality Books ABE Export Feature.