A picture of one of the Newcastle University Buildings

Newcastle University, International Research Impact

Newcastle University is one of the most prestigious Universities in the UK. The University was established right back in 1834 with its beautiful urban campus. With almost two and a half thousand staff the university continues to thrive with its successful students. With many different departments, the university continuously look to out source web work, which I have managed to grasp onto with their fantastic in house team.


As the designs for this project were provided to me, the project was quite simple. To create CSS and HTML structure, which would then integrate into TerminalFour.

After a short meeting with the team at Newcastle University we had established deliverables and guidelines to make a move on the designs of pages, these were managed by the local web company who were hiring me for this project. Once the design phases had been complete I reviewed them and then moved in on developing the site.


All designs of this project were complete by the local web company hiring me. I had little say in design but did make amends to the layout's before I started development. The reason for the minor changes to the design was to make them more inline with the framework that was currently being used within the department sites of the university.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler, Local Web Company & Newcastle University

Country of Origin

  • Newcastle, UK

What We Did

  • Development


  • CSS, HTML, Terminal Four

Project Duration

  • 14 Days


The development of the International Research Impact website first started with static HTML mark-up and plain CSS pages and page layouts. We then moved the static files into Terminal Four where we created and built templates specific to each page layout.

International Research Impact Website Page Screenshot
A complete Newcastle University International Research Impact page.