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TheStadiumBusiness Awards

TheStadiumBusiness Awards are the first industry awards for the stadium sector. The awards evening hosted by xperiology.com is now in its 5th year (here in 2015), and has been such a great success. The awards evening has taken place in some of the most beautiful cities across Europe. I personally have been lucky enough to be involved in most of the awards evenings taking care of the IT Infrastructure. TheStadiumBusiness Awards have visited Barcelona, Turin, London, Manchester and Ireland and this year in 2015 Canary Wharf, London.


Before I met Xperiology, they had already had their websites developed by a company based in London. The websites followed a nice colourful style and palette with a clean design which need to be carried across to the new layouts.

My first steps with Xperiology was to sit down and look at the priority of content on their page. The older versions of the websites had a lot of moving element areas which took attention away from main content areas. I wanted to achieve a redesign where visitors could land on the page and view the required information right away. This included tickets, accommodation, dates and times of the conference and latest released news articles.


Xperiology host several different events a year. These events are based on Stadia, Stadium Design, Fan Experience, Ticketing, Premium Seating and Live Entertainment. This meant that the website designs needed to follow a strict format as they were going to be duplicated for all other event websites. The specification had strict rules on button design, banner formatting, feature images, content styles and colour schemes so it was important to get this areas right so they could be re used and adaptable for the other websites. The event brands used beautiful colours so this was a main feature throughout the website designs.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler, Xperiology Team

Country of Origin

  • Brighton, UK

What We Did

  • Consultancy, Design & Development


  • Photoshop, Balsamiq, Skype
  • Wordpress, Sass, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Twitter API

Project Duration

  • 21 Days
Xperiology Event Logos in a grid
Xperiology event logos showing a variety of colour palettes


The website had a very simple functionality specification. With the old sites being on Wordpress it was a no brainer sticking with the same CMS and exporting the legacy content from the older websites. The first steps was to do an SQL export and data migration into the new site, which allowed us to design and develop around the older content.

Site administrators of the website should have the ability to add, edit and delete pages on the website. They should also be able to add new blog posts to the website, as well as manage menu's and add testimonials. All content on the website is fully manageable by the Wordpress back end system.


You can see all of the various website layouts at the following links: TheStadiumBusiness Awards, Fan Experience Forum, Premium Seat Seminar, Nordic Venue Forum, The LEVEL Summit, TheStadium Business Design & Development Summit, Ticket Technology Forum, Xperiology, VTECH Meeting, The LEVEL Summit Americas and TheStadiumBusiness Summit Americas.

The old designs of TheStadiumBusiness Awards
The old layout that TheStadiumBusiness Awards adopted
A screenshot of the new layout for TheStadiumBusiness Awards
The new design and build for TheStadiumBusiness Awards