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The Book Trail

Like any project, I follow a very specific approach that has worked for me over the last year. This process can be found right here. I was recommended to The Book Trail by a past client who had put in a really good word for me, this is really nice to hear when you meet a new client as its nice to know I do a good job.


The project started with that first initial face to face meeting by with a coffee and really getting to know the client. In the meeting we discussed the company, the current website, the good, the bad and the ugly and what they wanted for it's future. The meeting allowed us to create a good working relationship and allowed us to kick start the project with some really good communication and information giving. Approaching the project using a specific process is always the best way to move forward, and having something in place already to support the process is always going to make the perfect start.


As this project was very open in terms of design requirements I wanted to sit down with the client to go over some ideas on paper first. I had already been given some initial ideas from the client already as I had a list of favoured websites and styles they liked. Once the wire framing of the layouts were finished I then moved the design work into Photoshop where I created some static visuals.

I often use Photoshop just to enhance and add that layer of website presentation to give the user an impression of what the final layout might look like. Static visuals are not the place to spend weeks and weeks of time. All they offer is an idea and understanding of what the website will look like once built in HTML and CSS. Being able to get the visuals coded into HTML, CSS and Javascript as soon as possible will give the client a much clearer picture of how their final website will look. It also allows the user to see interactions, something a static visual would never be able to do.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler & The Book Trail Company

Country of Origin

  • Newcastle, UK

What We Did

  • Consultancy & Design


  • Paper, Photoshop
  • Sublime Text, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox

Project Duration

  • 35 Days


Upon showing the client these new designs they seemed to be very, very impressed. The colour balance seemed to work extremely well, the navigation was very easy to access and people could get around the website, to any section in just 3 clicks.

A design of the new Book Trail Website. Social media integration, cuppa and cake integration and so on.
The brand new Book Trail website re-design with social media integration, author interview posting, blog and book search capabilities.