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The Mussel Club

After being approached by a local web development company, I was brought in on this project to put together style guides for the Mussel Club website. I was one of five people working on the project who was left responsible for the style aspects of the website. The first approach was to get together with the designer of the project to come up with a specific house style. I would then lay out all styles into a HTML document for him to follow.


The plan of attack for this website was to look at the old Mussel Club website and identify problems it was having with navigation, calls to action and usability. I did this by analysing heat maps, analytics's and specific data which was gathered by the web company. This made some of the decisions really easy when creating the style guide for the site.

The first area's of the style guide I focused on was the advertisement areas and call to action buttons. These were problems I picked up on when analysing data I was given. From heat maps I looked at, the call to actions and advertising banners were not getting the click throughs they should have been.


I was not responsible for designing the website in this project. My job was to create a style guide that the designer could then use to design the website. In the style guide I was responsible for button design, call to actions, colour palettes, typography, video elements, image elements etc. The purpose of a style guide is to set standards that establish and enforce better communication across a website. Style guides are essential for any website project that is medium to large scale.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler & Local Web Company

Country of Origin

  • Newcastle, UK

What We Did

  • Consultancy & Style Guides


  • HTML & CSS

Project Duration

  • 2 Weeks


The final results of the Mussel Club website is shown below in a screen shot.

A screenshot taken of the Mussel Club Website
A screen shot taken of the Mussel Club Website taken May 2015.