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Very Cheap Holidays

The holiday industry. A growing industry that keeps on pushing the boundries, that just keeps getting better and better as an online service. How often do you spend in the travel agents these days? Probabaly not alot. It has become so easy to access and book your very own personally planned holiday. With the launch of AirBnB back in the 2008 and the constant rise of some fantastic holiday destinations, Very CHeap Holidays look to tackle it head on by providing the best holidays at the lowest prices. With a 5 out of 5 customer service we have helped design and develop an online service to allow users to quickly search and book their perfect holiday at the cheapest price.


Back in mid 2015 we started a full time working contract with the Very Cheap Holidays company here in Newcastle upon Tyne. It has been so much fun to work with such a fantastic, growing team both in house and remotely. The first few weeks of the project was all about getting to know the history of the website, the build and finding my way around the websites custom build structure. The website is very advanced in the way it returns thousands upon thousands of results and it is my job to make sure it was presented well on screen and other devices in the fastest possible time.

The first steps I took was to look at the front-end structure. This included all Javascript, HTML markup and CSS. At the time the website used a Sass structure, which actually turned out to be out dated when compared to it's compiled single CSS file. The first job was to work with these set of files, strip them out and come up with a better solution to allow the team to work with the files more sufficiently. Over the last year and a half I have introduced a brand new web development work flow which allows the team to integrate and merge design, code and database schema into their specific repositories ready for deployment to stage and then eventually to the live website.


The process of design is very limited. The company use a very good in house designer who I work very closely with. Design should always go hand in hand with front-end and backend development. I currently work with the designer on specic design decisions, including functional decisions. The design of the website continues to evolve using a great progressive enhancement process that is always signed off by the company stake holders.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler, Very Cheap Holidays Design, Development & Marketing Team

Country of Origin

  • Newcastle, UK

What We Did

  • Consultancy, Design & Development


  • Adobe Fireworks, Skype, Sublime, Bitbucket
  • VB.net, C#, HTML, Sass, JavaScript, Gulp, NPM, AJAX

Project Duration

  • On Going


Since we started working with Very Cheap Holidays around 18 months ago, the website has certainly come a very long way. We have managed to reduce loading time by a few seconds and with the new caching services being introduced it's going to be even quicker! The last few month's have seen some big improvements on front-end technologies, introducing a brand new custom built Sass framework which is extremely modular and reuseable. The new setup uses a great structure and is commented throughout which will allow easy use and access for other members of the development team. We are currently working on new site architecture using Flex Box which will hopefully introduced and integrated in the Summer of 2016.

A homepage screenshot of the Very Cheap Holidays Website
A screenshot sHowing the Very Cheap Holidays Website.