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Great British Bake Off – We Bake

British consumers of television have a love for the Great British Bake Off and so this project was focused on bringing bakers together through the use of technology and socialising. This project was designed and put together in conjunction with Dr Oetker and a partner agency.

Think Facebook, but for a community of people who love to bake! We were tasked with delivering features and functionality onto the platform after inheriting it from a previous agency as well as delivering campaigns such as promotions for Easter and Stand Up To Cancer, working alongside Channel 4’s favourite TV show, The Great British Bake Off.

The We Bake web page - phase 1
We Bake - An online Community for Bakers

The We Bake website was built using a bespoke framework and this brought a bunch of challenges to the table. Why? Poor documentation, lack of communication and dealing with a tech stack that was a complete mixed bag. As mentioned above this was inherited by a previous agency and so the challenges we faced at the time were complex. We really had to work hard using our experience in design and development to build new features and functionality for the platform. One key takeaway from this project was the importance of communication and documentation throughout a project, no matter how much time we spend on a project and no matter how complex the build is, we should always spend time and attention documenting and speaking to all people involved to gain the information required.

A image showing a section of the We Bake Website
Giving back to the baking Community

Unfortunately at the end of 2021, the We Bake website was taken offline. With what I have shown above, hopefully, you can get a gist of what the website was like and the challenges that we overcame whilst working on the project. Thank you to everyone who worked on the project.

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