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Yesterday I put out a work tender for a new personal project of mine. After running my own business for the last 14 months this was the first time I had ever put out a work tender for someone to work on one of my own projects. Without revealing the project (as its still in planning), what I required was someone who was really creative and could think different. So, how did I choose the right person?

The tender started off like any other. With details about myself and my business, details about the project in question and also what I expect from the person applying for the job. There was then some more specifics just to make the tender a little more clear and understandable. I then had a section they could use for any questions.

Before I closed the tender I felt that I really needed to get an insight into how creative the person applying for the job was. Looking at a portfolio does not really do it for me, but of course its an important factor to consider.

I have always worked and been around people with cool personalities. These people include my friends, family and certain work colleagues as well as my virtual buddies on Twitter.

In fact just today I spoke to someone on Twitter who I had never spoken too in my life. I congratulated them on Twitter on a certain pod cast they had just started which then turned into a little bit on Banter about their Twitter profile picture.

It was something that I paid real interest to. Their replies were witty and funny and with just a few tweets I really got a feel of what that persons personality was like.

So, before closing the tender I asked a totally random question that would hopefully lead to a really creative bit of writing. Maximum amount of words, 300.

If there was a zombie apocalypse what would be the first thing you do and why?

Throwing this question into the mix really gave me a good idea of who I should choose for the project. I had some really good replies. As well as some not so good and some not at all.

For people who didn't answer at all, well, you know what happened to those guys...yes, they were eaten by Zombies.

So, in what way did this help me? This is what I took away from the answer's I received.

Have you got a project of your own coming up? Why not do something similar? Encourage creative writing to get to know your applicants better.

If there was a zombie apocalypse what would be the first thing you do and why? Leave your comments below

Thanks for reading :)

My own photo taken from my Euro Gamer Expo 2013 Album on Flickr

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