Improving Performance of Your University Website

Posted on by Glen Wheeler

An image showing The RoundHouse and TerminalFour logos with graphs illustrated in the background

About a week ago I sat in on a 45 minute webinar on how University websites can be improved in performance. The webinar, which was hosted by The RoundHouse & TerminalFour discussed briefly discussed the different methods on how we can improve performance across our university websites.

During the webinar I managed to take some brief notes which are now attached as a PDF document at the end of this post. As you will find in the PDF document, the webinar was broken down into a few different sections which allowed the discussions to be focused and well organised.

I'd like to say a huge thanks to both The RoundHouse and TerminalFour for such a great webinar which opened the floor for some great questions and discussion afterwords. I really look forward to the next one

If you have any questions about the notes, or would like to discuss a lot more then please drop me an email

Webinar Notes - TRH-T4-Webinar-Notes.pdf

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