MacBook Pro Event Notes 2016 (Touch Bar Reveal)

Posted on by Glen Wheeler

Photo showing the graphic used for the Apple MacBook launch Event in 2016. Exploded colours set inside of the Apple brand.

A day millions of people have been waiting for, today it finally arrived. The MacBook Pro had not seen an update in years, today that came to an end with major improvements to the body, the hardware specification and the introduction of one incredible, new, innovative feature, what Apple call "the Touch Bar".

The Touch Bar idea has been been floating around out there for some time now, years in fact. Earlier this month I had researched the touch bar as I heard people speaking about it again and had actually found a heap of forums such as Mac Rumours and Tech Crunch discussing the feature. These discussions were going as far back as 2012. As the years and events past we never heard a thing about the new feature, until today and I can honestly say this changes everything!

The aim of The Touch Bar is essentially being introduced to replace what apple say "the unused function keys, they haven't been used in years". The function keys have been on a keyboard since the Power Book, which launched back in 1991 where it also featured the very first Active Matrix Display.

The Touch Bar, I have to admit changes everything. It changes the way we work, it changes the way we edit, it changes the way we listen and create music, it changes the way we answer phone calls, it changes the way we design and develop, it changes everything! I mean, you really have to see this thing to believe it.

How beautiful is that? The way we can now work from application to application without touching a pointing device is just incredible. We can almost do everything in a very slick manner without touching a mouse or track pad. The demo's that were made on stage by various people were a great insight into how we can use the Touch Bar to Edit Video, Edit Photographs and Make Music were excellent. The power of this single Retina Display, Back Lit strip is just madness!

A photo showing different uses of the Touch Bar. Spotify, Touch ID etc

I could go on and on about the powers of this new feature and how its going to change people's personal and working lives for the better, forever but I'd really love for you to get along to your local Apple store and try this out. Here are my notes from the event. If you have any questions or would like to discuss please use the discussion area at the foot of this post. I'd love to chat to you all and gather your thoughts.

What did the event cover overall?


All notes taken on accessibility:

iPhone 7 and 7+

All notes taken on the iPhone 7 and 7+:

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Apple Watch

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Apple TV

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The new iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series Two and Fourth Generation Apple TV


All notes taken on the Mac:

So, whats next for Apple? In future events I can see The Touch Bar making plenty of appearances with upgrades and new features. This new second screen, if you like has endless possibilities and I can see it being adopted by other companies as we move forward and is a great competitors and selling point over the new Microsoft Surface Studio.

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