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"All experiences can be influenced".

Judgement is formed from two things, an ability to create decisions based on experience and the ability to then come to conclusions on those experiences. No matter what you do when purchasing a product, a service, or even being in business, you will automatically reflect upon your past experiences as a participant. Your brain will always calculate the best approaches to avoid wasting your hard-earnt cash. I’m going to briefly explain why businesses use this to their advantage.

It’s likely the experience can be broken down into three main areas of interest:

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Let me think of a bizarre, but potentially realistic, example of a business:

You’re an internal organisation or team that works for a larger umbrella company, on an internal network, in the mountains of an inhabited Martian landscape. You programme robots to distribute goods and provide servicing to other robots. You might have a business strategy in place and think you’d never ever need a digital or brand strategy. I can tell you you’re wrong. No matter what service you provide, a decision will need to be made at some point – very likely by a human. With decisions, come experiences: experiences that can be influenced.

Brand and digital strategies can be developed to support and influence the experiences of both external and internal teams. In our example, strategies could be developed to improve the moral of your team, improve efficiency of the distribution through communication or even re-engage the umbrella company with your team. Understanding what you want to achieve will always guide you when developing your other strategies.

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